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magical cupboard of wonder

togetherness with love duct tape for all

4 September
100%, a good night's sleep, a quality muffin, acoustic guitar, alegría, all shades of purple, artemis fowl, babaas, being alive!, being awake, being barefooted, being happy, being outside during sunshowers, belle magazines, blue, braiding, bread, breathing, bridget jones' diary, cheese, child-naming rights, chocolate, christianity, cirque du soleil, cloud-watching, correct grammar, correct spelling, country road, cue, current affairs, dancing in the moonlight, deciphering morse code, dragons, elastiks, feeling groovy, finishing things, forest green, free periods, french, futurama, german, giggling at mrsfondas' idiosyncrasies, giggling at spam-senders' names, giuseppe povia, global politics, god, gorman, green, hair-styling, happy songs, harper's bazaar magazines, hd, hugs, ilyc!, international relations, investing in poking sticks, italia, italian, italy, jane austen, karen walker, kate hurst designs, kicking dandelions, learning, learning languages, life, looking on ebay.it, lord of the rings, love duct tape, lover, making others happy, mary poppins, most shades of green, music, myer, news, nici, non-school uniform green, not getting distracted, not having hayfever, not sleeping, not studying i.t., online shopping, owning bonds underwear, pasta, patent leather, peter alexander, petree, photography, picking frangipani, playing elastiks, playing tips with ellie, poking, post-it notes, powderfinger, prague, praying, pride & prejudice, purple, rachel gilbert, random, reading, rolling down grassy hills, rose and ruby designs, running up grassy hills, scribbling, sewn, sheep, shiny red shoes, shoes, shopping, shopping in general, silver, silver shoes, singing christmas carols, singing disney songs, singing in general, singing in the shower, skipping, snow, socialising, socks, sport, staying alive, strawberries, studying atcfai, summer rain, sunshowers, tennis, textiles and design, the art of waffling, the beatles, the little mermaid, the simple-minded flying sheep, the simpsons, the wallabies(rugby team), the word 'awesome', trampoline-ing, travelling, tucking tags into jumpers, u2, valerie tolosa, viktor & rolf, waking up early, wearing pyjama pants, witnessing snow, zoccoli's maths classes, zolotas' english classes